London: Growing the Tech Sector in Europe

Liquidity Group’s growing presence in Europe culminated in the expansion and new office opening

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December 3, 2022
This month’s “Basic Certainties” edition brings you the stories of Liquidity’s global branches, told by the local operations team.
Author: Emma Shulton

Liquidity Group’s growing presence in Europe culminated in the expansion and new office opening in Carnaby Square which is located in the heart of the bustling, fashionable and picturesque Soho district of London. If there was one word to describe the teams' mood it would be… hungry.  Hungry for closing deals, growth, and success. 

As Liquidity Group’s Office Manager, I’m the cornerstone of our recruitment initiatives, ensure all onboarding runs smoothly, and ensure the general upkeep of our new office. My role has developed since starting my journey at Liquidity and now involves participation in Business Development as well. This includes establishing leads and targeting fast-growing start-up high-tech organizations.

Liquidity’s proposition is proving to be both unique and attractive, giving founders across Europe the ability to grow their businesses with large-scale flexible credit facilities without any dilution. While the downturn in equity investments in Europe has private technology companies turning to alternative sources of financing to fund their growth. 

2022 has been a challenging year for technology companies in Europe. However, London is situated perfectly to serve Europe's tech sector, which is worth four times what it was five years ago when Liquidity first launched. It is home to prominent startups and Venture Capitalist firms in cities such as Berlin, Stockholm, and Germany. Therefore, being based in London we can connect to these cities in a matter of hours to attend conferences, and meet VCs, and potential future clients. This year our team has been fortunate enough to build new relationships in the Nordics, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, the UK, and Ireland.

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