NYC: Funding the World's Financial Center

Our New York office is a multicultural team within the global organization of Liquidity Group. In ad

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December 6, 2022
This month’s “Basic Certainties” edition brings you the stories of Liquidity’s global branches, told by the local operations team.
Author: Elizabeth Lightfoot

Our New York office is a multicultural team within the global organization of Liquidity Group. In addition to our US-born team members, the company headquarters here is composed of employees hailing from Brazil, the UK, Colombia, and Israel. Through quarterly team-building events and recognition of the various holidays celebrated by our distinctive team, the US office is excitedly and diligently making its mark in North America.

In New York, the visibility into equity markets remains unclear for the foreseeable future and the market demand for substantial and long-term non-dilutive growth capital partners is only increasing. The harsh realities of the equity markets reset have been felt by all growth-stage companies in the US. The companies in this segment that are demonstrating sustainable growth, increasing efficiencies, and a path to profitability or equity raising were hit hardest by equity investors downsizing and minimizing their cash injections. This is especially apparent in later-stage companies with turbo-charged growth looking to sustain such trends in the run-up to large financial milestone events. This is where Liquidity has seen an increasing interest in alternative growth capital funding, especially those companies less pegged to equity valuations. Liquidity Group is poised to accommodate this trend and meet the demand.

Fast-paced and dynamic, the US office reflects not only the spirit of Liquidity Group as a premier financial institution but also the individual diversity valued by the company as a whole. Together we are boldly building the US presence through the lens of our location in the financial capital of North America, and the world.

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