A Full suite of lEndtech
solutions for the entire
debt cycle

An automated suite of Machine Learning enabled LendTech solutions for the entire debt sourcing, due diligence, closing, syndication, deployment and management cycle. The underwriting technology behind Liquidity Market, Liquidity Analysis, manages the entire financial cycle leveraging the latest in Machine Learning and financial algorithms in a single place. From deal sourcing, instant due diligence and assessment rating, through facility structuring, collection and distribution, Liquidity Analysis turns an entire deal process into a closed deal loop within only 24 hours.

Instant Due Diligence

Performs a 360° due diligence assessment, generated instantaneously based on 120
real performance indicator data sets. Transactional data from billing and banks systems are transformed via seamless integrations to easy to read assessment scoring and profiling powered by Liquidity Analyst’s active descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics methodology.

Deal Optimization

Tailored financing options based on exact lender needs and risk/return optimization to meet exposure strategy and target returns. Tracking customer performance and progress over time allowing for  auto-refinement of the credit facility.

”The most advanced AI Platform for real-time credit & investment analysis in the world”

profile image of Nobutake Suzuki
Nobutake Suzuki
CEO, MUFG Innovation Partner

Investment Thesis Development

Hypothesis back testing and performing of what-if scenarios, to configure credit models for new verticals and business types.

Collection and Operation

Since Liquidity Analysis is an end-to-end solution, we deploy capital as well as receive collection and repayments without friction for credit investors.