Certainty is an engine

LIQUiDITY delivers certainty with a mastery of decision science.

Our proprietary technology uses machine learning and financial algorithms to monitor the entire debt value chain.

Which means we can assess risk for companies across verticals with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Liquidity Analysis

LIQUiDITY  Patent risk prediction technology fuses regression trees, proprietary Bayesian statistics, and time series predictions

forming a real-time risk rating. Our analysts only focus on the things that matter, diving into anomalies and verifying our automated stress test results.

This technology is applied for both credit and equity decisions.

Liquidity Modelling Studio

The best Auto ML models combined with Liquidity patent time series modifiers are built in a “no code” platform, enabling a credit analyst to train and deploy full-stack credit decision models to production in minutes.

Our Machine learning operations modules give a credit SME to the best tools that data science can offer, to go after new credit markets.

Liquidity Data Harmony

LIQUiDITY  provides the most flexible ELT framework available. Delivering a live feed from the borrower's financial and operational systems in a secured connection.

Data mapping lets borrowers share in the information using any system in any format, not just API’s.

In addition to our external data sources and automated feature ranking engines, we harmonize various data sets in real-time to drive super-fast and accurate predictions.

We have been impressed throughout our collaboration by the quality of the Liquidity Group team & their technology.
Yulia Toyokawa San
Managing Executive Director, Head of Global Corporate Credit, MUFG