is a science

LIQUiDITY delivers certainty with a mastery of decision science.

Our proprietary technology uses machine learning and financial algorithms to monitor the entire debt value chain.

This means we can assess risk for companies across verticals with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

LIQUiDITY Analysis

LIQUiDITY's patented risk prediction technology integrates regression trees, proprietary Bayesian statistics, and time-series predictions to create a dynamic real-time risk rating.

This technology helps our analysts focus on the things that matter, while our tools aid in anomaly detection through routine automated stress tests.

We use this powerful technology to enhance the efficiency of both our non-dilutive and dilutive investment procedures.

Modeling Studio

Our Modeling Studio collects the best Auto ML models combined with LIQUiDITY's patented time series modifiers. We empower credit analysts to swiftly train and implement comprehensive credit decision models into production within minutes. Our "no-code" approach provides effortless accessibility to our powerful toolkit for everyone.

Our modeling modules provide credit analysts with top-tier data science tools, enabling them to venture into new markets proficiently.

Data Harmony

LIQUiDITY offers the most versatile data analysis framework available. Through our Data Harmony product, we deliver a secure, real-time feed of the borrower's financial and operational systems.

Data mapping enables borrowers to share information using any system and format, extending beyond APIs.

In conjunction with our external data sources and automated feature-ranking engines, we synchronize divergent data sets instantly to facilitate rapid and precise predictions.

We have been impressed throughout our collaboration by the quality of the LIQUiDITY Group team and technology.
Yulia Toyokawa San
Managing Executive Director, Head of Global Corporate Credit, MUFG