LIQUiDITY Event Review: Founders Forum | London

Preview Text LIQUiDITY Group was honored to be an official partner with Founders Forum Group

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July 6, 2023

LIQUiDITY Group was honored to be an official partner with Founders Forum Group at the prestigious London 2023 event!

Founders Forum is renowned for fostering collaboration, driving entrepreneurship, and igniting groundbreaking ideas. As partners, the LIQUiDITY Group team was able to connect with exceptional founders, industry leaders, and investors who share our passion for innovation.

The 18th edition of Founders Forum brought together the very best in global tech, including 400+ trailblazing founders – 200 unicorn founders – 180 top CEOs, and 130 world-class VCs representing $1.5 trillion AUM.

Over the course of three days – at the main day Founders Forum, our Chair & CEO Breakfast, and our inaugural Founders Angels Forum – tech visionaries made new connections, discovered fresh ideas, and shared their insider insights on topics ranging from climate tech and culture to quantum and the metaverse.

What are the biggest tech trends to watch in the world right now? Over 50+ interactive speaker sessions, seven key themes emerged:

Generative AI. A Special Moment.Geopolitics & Defence. Deepfake bosses and the sovereignty delusion.Media & Sport. The metaverse lives.Extending Life. Growing organs and transforming health.Making Moonshots Happen. Quantum to Fusion.Future Cities. Building communities.Culture is King. Talent magnets and the future of work.

Thank you to the organizers, attendees, and fellow partners for making Founders Forum London such an exceptional event for us!

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