Tel-Aviv: Where Tech & Finance Meet Culture

Our largest team is located in Tel Aviv where a plethora of technology people work closely with

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December 5, 2022
This month’s “Basic Certainties” edition brings you the stories of Liquidity’s global branches, told by the local operations team.
Author: Rozi Levi

Our largest team is located in Tel Aviv where a plethora of technology people work closely with financial analysts, many of whom worked formerly with some of the world's largest financial organizations. The combination of backgrounds, skill sets, domain knowledge, and societal sectors brings out a rich diversity of ideas, productivity, and interdisciplinary innovation. 

When we look around our Tel Aviv office we see that there are people who've been in the company when it was only a few people in its early beginnings. One thing that sets Liquidity Group apart from other financial tech companies is the opportunity to grow, and exude the DNA of the company both in and outside of Tel Aviv. Additionally, we value the ability to move to different teams and grow into other positions within Liquidity Group. Management believes in growing people to become managers themselves. For example, Yaron Primovich, Liquidity Group’s current Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director for Mars Growth moved from being an Investment Manager (financial due diligence analyst) to doing Investments Origination before his current role where he leads a team of more than ten people.  

With current market conditions forcing founders to seek more creative funding instruments, we've received thousands of funding requests over 2022 alone, and our industry-agnostic technology has enabled us to invest more than any other Israeli-based firm, with over $1B in funding provided in 2022 alone, to over 50 fast-growing startups.

Our unique tech-driven approach has allowed us to quickly become one of the most well-known alternative funding providers in Tel Aviv, with various deals ranging from $15m to $70m, including eToro which received a term sheet in 48 hours for $50M. With roles in legal, data science and technology currently available it is clear that the Tel Aviv office continues to represent the global nature of Liquidity Group. 

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