LIQUiDITY Community Event Review: Career Planning - Two Steps Forward with Baot

Liquidity Group welcomed Baot and hosted 50 engineers and researchers.

8 min read
August 14, 2023

Liquidity Group welcomed Baot and hosted 50 female engineers and researchers. Chamutal Zered gave a lecture on "Career Planning - Two Steps Forward"  

Here are some of the responses we've received in feedback:

"Hamutal gave a tip and a way to plan her career more than just finding your current job. To look further – among the sentences that really caught me – "read the job description and see if I can imagine what will be in it."

"The lecture included practical tips for career planning, helped me focus on actional steps I should take in career planning. It helped me understand what I was willing to compromise on in my next job and what I wasn't." 
"I left with a lot of points to think about, the lecture changed my attitude in many ways about looking for work."  

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