People of LIQUiDITY: Sapir Bittan

This month we spoke with our Tel Aviv-based Legal Counsel, Sapir Bittan

People of LIQUiDITY: Sapir Bittan

This month we spoke with our Tel Aviv-based Legal Counsel, Sapir Bittan

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November 1, 2022

This month we spoke with our Tel Aviv-based Legal Counsel, Sapir Bittan 

What brought you to LIQUiDITY?

I mainly worked in legal firms, providing legal analysis for business deals– I wasn’t involved in the deal itself. That was too boring for me. I was looking to be more involved. When I interviewed at LIQUiDITY, I liked what Nir (Senior Legal Counsel) and Oshri (General Counsel) had to say about their work. The fast pace is perfect for me. The legal team is a part of the deal and has direct negotiations with companies– this was precisely what I was looking for. I also loved the idea of the product. I had never heard of giving out loans through tech created by the company itself. And most importantly, I loved the people from the start. It was great to meet Nir and Oshri, and Udi (Deputy CEO). I don’t like politics, I just wanted to work, and it felt like this was the right place for that sort of culture.

So what does a Legal Counsel’s day-to-day look like now at LIQUiDITY?

We work on growth funding deals - from the term sheet until the deal closing. We also each have our own responsibilities beyond our main work. I currently have three additional projects. First is building the legal side of our new APAC equity fund with Spark Capital and MUFG. It’s a new area for me and it’s interesting. The second is labor law which helps me meet our new recruits from around the world. I also serve as the prevention of sexual harassment rep in the company. The third area is privacy, working with our Cyber Security team on making changes, to be GDPR (Europe) compliant.

What’s the highlight of working at LIQUiDITY for you?

Three things: I love the pace - there’s no time to be bored. I love the people - they’re nice, good people that help and support each other. We don’t compete against each other - we work together. People are direct, we don’t waste time with politics. And most importantly, I like that I’m learning and growing all the time.

The highlight of working at LIQUiDITY overall,-- is that it’s fun being part of the growth. We’re bringing something unique to the world, combining tech with investments. Finance and legal usually don’t go with R&D. It’s an interesting integration.

In one sentence - what’s the vision of LIQUiDITY?

I’d say it is to become one of the largest, leading investment and venture debt companies in the world.

Sapir Bittan is a corporate lawyer, specializing in various aspects of commercial law, including M&A, investments, and financing transactions, as well as commercial and incorporation agreements. Prior to LIQUiDITY, Sapir worked as a Legal Associate at leading commercial law firms including at Fisher (FBC & Co.) and Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co. She holds an MBA and LLB from Israel’s Bar-Ilan University, and an Executive Education Certificate from Tel Aviv University. She lives with her two daughters and husband in Tel Aviv.

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