Mars Growth Capital to Establish Two New Funds

MUFG’s consolidated subsidiary MUFG Bank and Liquidity Capital M.C. Ltd. (Liquidity Capital),

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June 23, 2023

Tokyo/Singapore, May 8, 2023 --- MUFG’s consolidated subsidiary MUFG Bank and Liquidity Capital M.C. Ltd. (Liquidity Capital), an Israeli fintech company, announced today they will establish two new debt funds, “Mars Japan Fund”, which will provide financing to Japanese startups and “Mars Europe Fund”, which will provide financing to European startups, under their joint venture, Mars Growth Capital Pte. Ltd.

About Mars Japan Fund

The importance of nurturing innovative startups is growing every year in order to adapt to the fast-changing environment, solve social issues, and achieve sustainable growth of the Japanese economy. To support healthy and accelerated growth of those startups, further diversification and activation of the funding market is essential.

Since its inception in 2021, Mars Growth Capital has leveraged MUFG Bank's global network and debt financing expertise and Liquidity Capital's AI technology to provide unique loans which avoids diluting equity, to overseas startups.

The newly established Mars Japan Fund will utilize the knowledge of both MUFG Bank and Liquidity Capital, and leverage the expertise of Mars Growth Capital, to provide growth financing to promising pre-unicorns and unicorns in Japan, thereby contributing to creating and supporting the growth of Japanese-born, world-class unicorns.

About Mars Europe Fund

In Europe, there are increasing number of startups that utilizes technology to address various social issues such as climate change.

Mars Growth Capital has primarily targeted Asian startups, but after receiving numerous interests from European companies, it was decided that a new fund for European startups would be established.

Through the Mars Europe Fund, MUFG Bank and Liquidity Capital will support the growth of startup companies in Europe and seek to provide a wide range of financial services from MUFG Group, including IPO support through MUFG’s alliance with Morgan Stanley.

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