Forecasting the Future: TruKKer's Efficiency Through Technology Disruption

We see TruKKer [continuing] the amazing growth path we had in the past few years in both

Forecasting the Future: TruKKer's Efficiency Through Technology Disruption

We see TruKKer [continuing] the amazing growth path we had in the past few years in both

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February 8, 2023

In this month's special forward forecasting issue, we are asking some of our partners how Liquidity Group will help them achieve their financial goals in 2023. Amit Agarwal, Chief Financial Officer of TruKKer gave us insight into the company's 2023 growth.

2023 has just started. How do you forecast 2023 from your company's perspective?  

We see TruKKer [continuing] the amazing growth path we had in the past few years in both expanding our leadership position in existing geographies as well as establishing our positioning into newer geographies. The journey to date has [lead] to TruKKer becoming the leading digital freight company in the MENA region. TruKKer is planning to continue its sustainable growth and looking to achieve cash flow breakeven before the end of the year.  TruKKer has been investing in new its Fintech initiative Moxey and will be aggressively rolling out products and services in 2023

What is the "secret sauce" of your company's success and how you define your competitive advantage vs other market participants ?

The three key problems being solved by Trukker are

  1. Bringing efficiency through technology disruption in a very large traditional sector where technology is least penetrated
  2. Transparency in pricing and transactions by bringing market participants through its technology efforts
  3. Sustainability by reducing empty miles and financial inclusion for the carrier partners  

The secret sauce for Trukker's success is solving real-life business problems for our participants through technology with the most prudent financially sustainable approach.   

The key competitive advantages compared to any our traditional incumbents or technology peers: 

  • Leadership positioning in the region with the largest network and being the reliable supply chain partner for our shippers
  • Strongest network with presence across nine operating markets in the CEEMEA region
  • Relationship with over 800+ enterprise businesses in our markets and over 50,000+ carrier supply base
  • Leading technology products built in house by understanding the real-world problems faced by our shippers and carriers and strong internal automation to manage the end to end transaction flows
  • Balanced focus on operational efficiency / customer experience while pushing for technology adoption  
  • Strong leadership team executing the business objectives as a team    
  • Backing of strong institutional investors across equity and debt 

After partnering with LIQUiDITY group, what is the main goal and usage of the acquired facility?

The facility from Liquidity Group has been central in supporting TruKKer's growth by being able to finance our working capital. We have been able to build a strong relationship which we hope to continue for the long term. Working capital is a strong differentiator for Trukker's success and given its capital positioning will further build upon in the coming years 

What was the process that led you to choose debt facility over other funding alternatives? at what situations will you consult companies to follow that path?

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) market has been lacking alternative non-dilutive capital for startups / loss making businesses including limited access to conventional debt or venture debt. Trukker was the first MENA based business which started tapping into the international institutional for venture debt to meet the working capital needs of the business. Since then, multiple venture debt options have become available in the region but still nascent compared to other developed markets.  Any early stage companies which are looking for non-dilutive funding for growth should consider the venture debt route unless they have achieved strong cash flows which can attract conventional bank debt.


TruKKer is a Digital Freight Network that integrates Demand & Supply for land freight services. The network is built on real-time data analytics that creates reliability, transparency, and utilization based savings for Shippers and thousands of transporters. The network’s rapid growth and scale is creating multiple opportunities through data monetization and consolidated procurement

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