Forecasting the Future: Providing Insight to Brands with ChannelSight

ChannelSight is continuing to invest in growth across key markets and verticals

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February 2, 2023

In this month's special forward forecasting issue, we are asking some of our partners how Liquidity Group will help them achieve their financial goals in 2023. John Beckett, CEO of ChannelSight gave us insight into the company's 2023 growth.

We are at the start of a new year - What are your projections for ChannelSight in 2023?

We remain cautiously optimistic about the year ahead. Our focus is on providing insights to brands on how to optimize their online channel to drive the highest return, which is attractive in good times, but even more important when budgets tighten. So far, we’ve seen continued growth and expansion of service consumption with existing and new clients.

What would you say is ChannelSight's "secret sauce" to achieving success, and what would you say is your competitive advantage vs. other market participants?

We’ve always been highly capital efficient, meaning we have the controls, systems, and culture to manage resources in a way that delivers measurable ROI. We are well funded and have cash to ensure we can take advantage of market opportunities meaning we can react quickly while continuing to invest in building out our world-leading technology where others may be forced to retrench or otherwise cut costs.

After partnering with Liquidity, for what uses and purposes do you intend to use our funding?

We are continuing to invest in growth across key markets and verticals, as well as bringing forward a plethora of new features and capabilities on our platform this year, doubling down on our technology advantage while delighting our clients with the new capabilities that we’re able to offer.

What was the process that led to choosing to raise debt over other funding alternatives?

We were very happy with the speed and flexibility offered by LC. Their approach enabled us to back ourselves by focusing on continuing to build value for stakeholders ahead of any larger fundraising.


ChannelSight is a technology company that provides a platform for brands to enhance their online presence and improve their e-commerce capabilities. The platform helps brands to manage their online product listings, track their performance, and analyze consumer behavior data to inform their online strategy. ChannelSight helps brands to increase their sales and improve their online visibility by optimizing their product listings and streamlining the customer experience.

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