Forecasting the Future: Eruditus is Growing in India and Beyond

In this month's special forward forecasting issue, we are asking some of our partners how Liquidity

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February 16, 2023

In this month's special forward forecasting issue, we are asking some of our partners how Liquidity Group will help them achieve their financial goals in 2023. Pranjal Kumar, Chief Financial Officer of Eruditus gave us insight into the company's 2023 growth.

2023 has just started. How do you forecast 2023 from your company's perspective?  

We expect to continue on our journey of improving profitability with 20%+ YoY growth. We have made significant improvements in reducing our cost of acquisition and indirect costs, while at the same time driving growth in large TAM segments such as Enterprise, India region, etc.

What is the "secret sauce" of your company's success, and how do you define your competitive advantage vs other market participants?

Our deep and long-term relationships with world-class academic institutions give us the defensibility and competitive advantage vs. others. We partner with Stanford, Harvard, MIT, etc., and have been working with most of them for 5+ years. Given the high bar set by these institutions for selecting and building a relationship with a partner, it is not easy for competition to enter or even grow in this segment.

After partnering with LIQUiDITY group, what is the main goal and usage of the acquired facility?

The main goal is to deploy the facility for general corporate purposes, including M&A, which is one of the key growth levers of the company.

What was the process that led you to choose a debt facility over other funding alternatives? In what situations will you consult companies to follow that path?

We preferred Liquidity over other providers because of (a) their flexibility to structure the facility (b) work seamlessly with another co-lender (c) the decent size of the facility (d) the proactiveness and problem-solving approach of the key investment lead. Our experience so far with Liquidity has been great, and we look forward to growing the partnership.  


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