Abu Dhabi: A New R&D Center in the Capital of Capital

Liquidity chose Abu Dhabi as the site of its newest R&D center with the goal of attracting the great

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December 7, 2022
This month’s “Basic Certainties” edition brings you the stories of Liquidity’s global branches, told by the local operations team.
Author: Heba Naerat

Liquidity chose Abu Dhabi as the site of its newest R&D center with the goal of attracting the greatest minds from around the world to join us to build out our machine learning team. We partnered with Abu Dhabi Investment Office on this project, becoming the first Israeli company to join their Innovation Programme. It was an attractive location for us for three key reasons:

Extremely open and inclusive visa program - Strategically located at the intersection of many of the world’s most talented tech markets from South Asia, Eastern Europe, and North Africa, there are over 200 nationalities in the UAE and this diversity is reflected in the teams you can build here. Many of our Abu Dhabi team have received Golden Visas for their unique skills and incredible brain power.

Ease of doing business - the regulatory and business environment enabled by ADGM and ADIO allowed Liquidity to set up our company and funds seamlessly.

Quality of life - According to crowd-sourced Numbeo, Abu Dhabi was voted one of the safest cities in the world six years in a row, with beautiful beaches, and excellent infrastructure. 

H.E. Ahmed Al Zaabi said it best at Abu Dhabi Finance Week a few weeks ago - Abu Dhabi is the capital of capital. In the current macro environment, it offers continued economic, financial, and geopolitical stability and the government is continuing to build programs designed to support growth in strategic sectors of the economy with forward-thinking and agile policy-making.

Liquidity's Abu Dhabi office is primarily focused on R&D and opportunistically originates strategic deals for funding. These include TruKKer ($20M) and most recently Bayzat ($15M) which will be used to accelerate growth and invest in platform research and development.

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