United Global Quality Growth Fund

United Global Quality Growth Fund

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United Global Quality Growth Fund is an open-end unit trust established in Singapore. The United Global Quality Growth Fund (SGQGF) is a Singapore-based open-end unit trust. Long-term total returns are the goal of the Fund's strategy. International equity and equity-related securities issued by publicly traded firms are the primary investments of the Fund.


For the long term, the Sub-Fund invests in equity and equity-related securities of publicly traded corporations across the world.

Fund Description

For the long term, the Sub-Fund invests in equity and equity-related securities of publicly traded corporations across the world. Our umbrella unit trust, United Global Diversified Portfolios, allows us to set up sub-funds that may be managed independently. The following Sub-Funds are the subject of this Prospectus:

(a) United Income Focus Trust;

(b) United Global Quality Growth Fund;

(c) United Global Stable Select Equity Fund;

(d) United Enhanced Growth Select; and

(e) United Enhanced Income Select.

Fund Performance

The prices given are indicative and are generally based on the prices of 2-4 trading days prior and may not be precisely the price utilized for particular deals. The prices and returns are shown on this page may be based on a currency that is not the same as the one used to buy or sell the Fund. Individual customer returns may vary from those displayed in the table below. Customers should not base their purchasing decisions on this pricing. Third-party estimates of fund values. No prices or values stated are guaranteed by USD DEX, and no responsibility is taken for their correctness.

Its goal is to generate total returns over the long term by investing in publicly traded firms' stock and associated securities. A global equity fund is appropriate for long-term investors seeking overall returns who do not mind taking on some risk in the process.

Criteria for selection

Its focus on large-cap growth stock endows chosen the United Global Quality Growth Fund, carefully picked by the Fund's management team.

Offer to Bid Returns

Offering-to-bid prices are used, and any dividends or income are reinvested. Annualized statistics are used for performance data that spans more than a year. (For example, a 33.1 percent increase in three years comes out to a 10% annualized gain.) The offer price is based on the standard sales fee, greater than Fund super Mart’s lowered sales charge, following MAS laws. Regulations.

Fund Historical Price

The NAV prices are shown in the price history. It is important to note that the NAV prices for the "All time high" and "All time low" are based on the highest and lowest NAV values from the beginning of trading and the most recent trading data.

Custodial Risk

The custodian of the relevant Sub-investments Fund's or the custodian that settles the relevant Sub-transactions Fund's pose hazards. This means that, if and when the custodian goes into insolvency or bankruptcy, the Sub-Fund may only have a general unsecured claim for those assets against the custodian, rather than an actual claim for particular assets. Financial institutions' insolvencies have resulted in a delay, limitation, or prohibition of customers' ability to recover assets from the insolvent financial institution's estate. There is no guarantee that any assets held by the custodian of the relevant Sub-Fund are readily recoverable by that Sub-Fund. The assets of the relevant Sub-Fund may have been entrusted to non-U.S. sub-custodians when the relevant Sub-Fund invests in markets where the custodial and settlement systems and rules have not yet been fully established, particularly developing markets.


Investment selections are made based on each Fund's unique risk-return profile, regardless of the potential overlap in investment scope. The United Global Quality Growth Fund is an open-end unit trust with its headquarters in Singapore. The Fund aims to generate total returns over the long term. Investing in international equities and equity-related instruments issued by publicly listed companies constitutes the Fund's major source of income.

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