LIQUiDITY Group | Mars Growth Expands with Representation in India

LIQUiDITY Group | Mars Growth Capital is thrilled to announce its representation in Mumbai, India.

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June 6, 2023

LIQUiDITY Group | Mars Growth Capital, a leading global financial firm, is thrilled to announce its representation in Mumbai, India. This strategic move comes on the heels of the organization's successful deployment of USD 300 million to Indian companies and solidifying its commitment to the Indian market.

Mumbai, known as the financial capital of India, presents a thriving ecosystem with immense growth potential. LIQUiDITY Group | Mars Growth recognizes the significant opportunities that the Indian market offers and aims to establish a strong presence to better serve its clients and partners in the region.

The decision to have representation in Mumbai stems from the firm's dedication to fostering long-term relationships with Indian businesses. By having a local presence, LIQUiDITY Group | Mars Growth can provide enhanced support, tailored financial solutions, and direct access to its global network of resources.

Sonam Gupta, an experienced professional with an in-depth understanding of the Indian market, has been appointed as the representative in Mumbai. With her extensive industry knowledge and a proven track record, Sonam Gupta will play a pivotal role in building strategic partnerships, connecting with clients, and driving growth for LIQUiDITY Group | Mars Growth in the region.

As LIQUiDITY Group | Mars Growth establishes its official presence in Mumbai, it looks forward to continuing its successful journey in India, deploying capital, and making a positive impact on the vibrant Indian business community.

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