Certainty is power

Engineering patented machine learning-driven financial decision-science solutions.

Scaled liquidity offerings for high-performing, mid-market and growth-stage technology companies. Financing ranges from $5M-$120M.

Select partnerships that deliver asymmetrical advantages for banking and financial institutions.

As one of the global financial institutions, MUFG is committed to being a long-term growth ally for our partners, offering unparalleled financial versatility alongside Liquidity Group.
Fumitaka Nakahama
Member of the Board of Directors,
Senior Managing Executive Officer

is a science

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A global technology division that brings together the brightest minds across multi-disciplinary domains of expertise, including finance, data science, and machine learning to craft the decision-science technology at the heart of the LIQUiDITY Group.

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Among our success stories

is peace of mind

LIQUiDITY provides funding for growth-stage companies with a wide range of business models. Our proprietary technology provides lightning-fast due diligence and term sheets so they have the flexibility to act on opportunities without missing a beat.

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In the fintech space, LIQUiDITY Group shines as a technologically-advanced player. We experienced lightning speed with them and working with their team has been a great experience overall.
Yoni Assia
Founder & CEO, eToro

is a good partner

Our key strategic partners bring vast experience and reliability. They help our technology transform capital markets and provide unprecedented resources for clients seeking growth capital.

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The most advanced AI Platform for real-time credit and investment analysis in the world.”
Nobutake Suzuki
CEO, MUFG Innovation Partner

is access

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LIQUiDITY Access™ is a by-invitation-only strategic partnership program for leading banking institutions and sovereign funds.

Select partners can harness LIQUiDITY's decision-science technology for executing due diligence processes on a large scale. Access™ enables them to introduce their own comprehensive funding solutions to their client bases.

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