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In the fintech space, Liquidity Group shines as a technologically advanced player. We experienced lightning speed with them and working with their team has been a great experience overall.
Yoni Assia
Founder & CEO, eToro

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Liquidity's direct corporate lending arm provides scaled and instant growth facilities to fast growing tech related companies globally.

Term sheet is provided within 48 hours
We have been impressed throughout our collaboration by the quality of the Liquidity Capital team and their technology.
Yulia Toyokawa San
Managing Executive Director, Head of Global Corporate Credit, MUFG
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The best real-time underwriting platform in the world.
This powerful set of proprietary Machine Learning, Data Science tools is built to ingest and process investment data in real-time, enabling it to spot opportunities and assess risk. Liquidity Analysis optimizes capital deployment, allowing the best companies to meet their growth challenges while maximizing returns for debt providers. In addition, the platform's agility in scaling ticket sizes and adapting to verticals unlocks market potential while mitigating risks.
Working with the Liquidity team has been a pleasure, their technological approach to DD (simply connecting their platform to our Xero) meant DD took only a day before we received a term sheet.
Aiden Lister
CEO, Uptick

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The most advanced AI Platform for real-time credit and
investment analysis in the world”
Nobutake Suzuki
CEO, MUFG Innovation Partner